Option 1: MyCrypto

  1. Visit https://buy.mycrypto.com/ (note that there is a $50 minimum, and an 8% fee)

  2. Input the amount of USD you would like to convert to ETH in the upper right text box (next to USD)

  3. Click the Metamask fox icon at the top of your chrome browser, next to the address bar

  4. Click “Account 1” at the top of the MetaMask module window to copy your Ethereum Address to your clipboard

  5. Paste your Ethereum Address into the “ETH ADDRESS” field

  6. Confirm that you are not a robot and click “Continue”

  7. Input the requested information on the Billing Info, Payment, and Verification pages

    1. Note: Ensure that you have your cell phone readily accessible so that you can retrieve the confirmation code