Option 2: Coinbase

  1. Select “Sign up”

  2. Input the requested information and select “Create Account”

  3. Visit the inbox for the email address you provided, locate and open the coinbase email with subject line, “Please Verify Your Email Address” and select “Verify Email Address”

  4. You will be navigated back to coinbase.com where you must input your country and the phone number you would like linked to your coinbase.com account. Make sure that you have immediate access to the phone associated with the phone number you provide. Then click “Send Code”

  5. Check your phone for a text message with your confirmation code. Input the code you receive into the coinbase.com code field and click “Submit”

  6. Input the requested information and select “Continue”

  7. Answer the security questions on the next page

  8. Proceed to the instructions below. Do not purchase ETH through Coinbase.

Option 2 (Continued) : Adding Ether to Your Metamask Wallet

  1. Click the Metamask fox icon at the top of your chrome browser, next to the address bar

  2. Underneath the Ethereum logo you will see two buttons: “Deposit” and “Send”. Click “Deposit”

  3. Scroll down to “Coinbase” and click “Continue to Coinbase”

  4. Input the amount of Ether you would like to purchase and enter your coinbase email address. Click “Continue”

  5. Enter your coinbase password

  6. Select your payment method. Either “Credit/Debit Card” or “Bank Account”

  7. Input the requested information and click “Continue”

  8. Visit your online bank account statement and input the withdrawal amounts

  9. Finally, click the green “Buy ETH” button at the bottom of the window

  10. You have successfully purchased ETH!

It will take a few minutes for the ETH to appear in your Metamask wallet. You can monitor the transaction on your coinbase dashboard.

Additional resources:

Coinbase support page: https://support.coinbase.com/

How do I buy Digital Currency? https://support.coinbase.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2136749-how-do-i-buy-digital-currency-