Step 3: Convert ETH to NTV

  1. Visit

  2. You will be greeted by a “Welcome” modal. Here you have the option to “Download Metamask” or click “Next” if you already have it installed

  3. The next modal will give you the option to buy ETH from Coinbase or If you have already purchased ETH, click “Next”

  4. The third and final modal gives a brief introduction to the Native platform. Click “Get Started”

  5. Navigate to the top menu bar and click “Dashboard”

  6. A modal will appear requesting that you “Connect Your Wallet to Continue”. Click “Sign Message”

  7. A pop up notification from MetaMask will appear. Click “Sign” to grant Native access to your MetaMask wallet and stored currencies

  8. Now you will be directed to the Native Platform “Dashboard” where you can convert ETH to NTV Notice that your ETH balance is now displayed at the top left of the screen and your MetaMask wallet address is displayed at the top right of the screen

  9. Ensure that the “Pay with” currency is ETH. Input the amount of ETH you would like to convert to Native Token

  10. Ensure that the “Receive” currency is Native Token

  11. Click “Convert”

  12. Another pop up notification from MetaMask will appear. This notification will display the USD value of the ETH you are converting, the gas fee associated with the transaction, and the total transaction cost in USD. Confirm that the data is correct and click “Confirm”

  13. As soon as the conversion is finished processing you will get a notification that the purchase was successful. (NB: You can track the progress of the conversion on